• Monday Mar 25th
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About Us

“To provide our clients with a High Quality Video that can be cherished for generations, at the most affordable price.”

That has been my mission statement since receiving my B.S Degree in Business Mgmt from Salem State College; a small college in a working class town northeast of Boston, MA.

Upon looking back, I can truly say my love of video started in my early years of grammar school. My mom’s Kodak (stills) were the introduction to the camera. The flash looked like an ice cube which spun every time you took a picture. In high school I was able to buy my first used 35mm Ricoh (stills). After shooting graduations, birthday parties, and weddings for family members and friends, I started to feel that there was something missing. I realized it was Video.

During my Senior year of high school my friend introduced me to his Sylvania 2 piece video camera- yes a two piece camera with long wires that connected to the recorder. The wires were a mess! However I was Hooked! I knew the first time I used that camera at a wedding, that it was going to become an intricate part of my work.

A few years later GE introduced the VHS camcorder, and it was a true marvel! It was one piece with no wires to trip over and no mess (I still have it)! Since then a lot has changed in the video industry and lots of folks have jumped in. However one thing has not changed is my passion for capturing “the moment” through the lens of the digital still, and the lens of the video camera.

Twenty five years since my introduction to the video camera, I am still mesmerized by the power of video. I have since passed that passion on to my two sons who have joined me in my pursuit of excellence.

Living in Central Florida has promoted our passion to a higher level. We are currently serving in our local church’s media ministry. We work on projects ranging from short video ministry promos to recording larger church events. We don’t exactly know what the future holds for MVP, but we know who holds the future.

With this in mind, you now know how MVP- Manny’s Video Productions, truly started.